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Body Treatments

Bluebelle Nail Bar & Beauty Studio offer a number of different body treatments to suit your relaxation requirements

  • Full body massage £27.00
  • Hot Candle full body massage £30.00
  • Indian head massage £25.00
  • Back and shoulders £18.00
  • Hot stones massage £35.00

Body Exfoliation

For dehydrated thirsty skin, ideal preparation before any holiday or tanning.

  • Full body exfoliation £22.00

Hopi ear candles

A relaxing treatment where the chimney effect of the candle can help with Tinnitus, compacted ear wax, sore throats, sinusitis and balance problems

  • Ear candles £19.00

Ear Piercing

Inverness ear piercing can be carried out on ear lobes or cartilage quickly and safely with a wide choice of beautiful earrings. Prices range from £15 depending on the choice of earrings. All applications include antiseptic and after care lotions.

  • From £15.00